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Hi I'm Em!

Come with me on my mental health journey.

For a long time I was controlled by depression and anxiety, but from now on I am taking control of my life and my mental health and I want to document everything; the highs, the lows but most importantly my journey towards loving my self. So I decided f**k it I am going to start a blog. 

 In this blog you will usually find me talking about living and coping with PTSD, Anxiety and general wellbeing. I am all about selfcare and loving your self! And hopefully I can make someone else smile along the way.

(sorry in advance for all the pictures of waves!)

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Plants & Anxiety

How caring for my houseplants helps my anxiety Hi friends, welcome back to Riding the Wave Blog! <3 I hope everyone is well and has

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The Bad Day Box!

A guide to making your own self-care box for when you are having a bad day! Hi friends! Welcome to Riding the Wave Blog <3

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