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Welcome To Riding The Wave Blog!

Hi friends, it’s Em!

Soooo…here we are it’s a new year, unfortunately not a new me but this is my first ever blog post ahhhh!

I bet you’re wondering why should I read this blog, well me too!

No. I’m only joking, you should read this because maybe (like me) you have no idea where you are going in life or maybe you are struggling with your mental health or maybe you’re just a bit bored and want to read something, either way, I’m grateful you’re here!

I have been sitting on the idea of starting a blog for a while now and I know what I’m like and if I don’t do it now at the start of 2021 I never will.

Don’t get me wrong I am so nervous about writing this and posting it because I’m not the best writer (there will probably be some spelling mistakes, sorry!) and I’m such a perfectionist but I have decided to just go for it and be brave!

I promise you I’m not here to lecture you or act like I actually know anything about mental wellness, I don’t claim to be an expert on it, hell I didn’t really know about depression or anxiety until I went to uni four years ago.

But I am someone who struggles with depression and anxiety, as well as, in recent years been diagnosed with PTSD and OCD. I know I have a long journey ahead of me. So why not make that all public and let you read it.

Don’t worry haha, I’m not going to tell you my life story (at least not yet anyway!).

I just want to make at least one person feel like they are not alone and maybe make them smile a little along the way 🙂

That is what ‘riding the wave’ is, my own little safe space on the internet.

I must warn you ahead of time that there will be a lot of photos of the sea, there’s kind of a theme around here, I’m sorry but I’m rolling with it.

I use the metaphor of a wave to describe my mental health for two reasons;

The first reason –

Waves can be very calming, it sounds so basic but my happy place is sitting on a beach with my dog and whilst the waves roll calmly onto the shore. For me I have my days where I feel like that, they are far and few in between right now but when they do happen that feeling of not being weighed down is like floating calmly in water.

The second reason –

Mental health can be a crushing weight that makes you feel like you are drowning. For me it comes on in waves, one minute I’m floating the next I’m pulled out to sea by crashing waves that want to drown me. On days like this, I say to myself ‘you’ve just got to ride the wave’.

During a dark time in lockdown, I decided that I have had enough of letting my mental health suffer but I didn’t know how to fix it so instead I started to write down how I was feeling and, through that, a lightbulb went off in my head and then the idea of ‘riding the wave’ was born!

A little love letter to myself.

Future Em,

You did it! You made it to 2021 yayyyy!

Now before you go and put yourself under loads of pressure to get that summer body you dream about each year or start making a big long list of all the things you are going to accomplish this year…

Take a second, breathe!

Have a good thing about these goals. Will they make you happy or will you not be able to achieve them and will that make you sad. I know the answer and I think you do too.

How about we start with a smaller goal, instead of ‘I’m going to go to the gym 6 times a week (because let’s be honest em, we’re never going to do that) let’s just go once a week for now and if you go more than once YES you’re smashing life girl! If not you are still smashing life!

2020 taught us many things but the biggest one is that we neglect ourselves and we aren’t going to do that anymore, we are going to love ourselves and mother ourselves and do whatever is right for us and not give a f**k about what anyone else has to say about it.

We can do anything we set our mind to, as long as we aren’t putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect!

Let’s leave that s**t in 2020.

Love from,

Past Em.

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