Plants & Anxiety

How caring for my houseplants helps my anxiety

Hi friends, welcome back to Riding the Wave Blog! <3

I hope everyone is well and has had a good week.

My week has been soooo busy, but super productive and I love being productive, so happy days! 🙂

So, I don’t know if you can tell but I have a small houseplant collection (this isn’t even all of them btw)

Has anyone else become more obsessed with houseplants since lockdown started?

I mean the day we went into our second lockdown I rushed out the door to ikea so I could pick up some new plant babies.

I just love them so much.

Yes, I am aware that I sound like a crazy plant lady

and no, I don’t care 🙂

I have always loved plants but my love for them definitely grew thanks to lockdown and I’m not mad about it.

So why do I love houseplants?

I mean what is not to love?

Firstly, they are beautiful! All the different sizes, colours, shapes and then there are all the different pots you can buy, it’s a beautiful thing to be able to bring a little bit of nature indoors! Also, the way plants fill your space in such a unique way is amazing. I’m gonna stop now before I start ranting.

Secondly, I looveee watching them grow. Whether it’s a seedling or you’re bringing a plant back from near-death, it’s so exciting waking up in the morning and seeing that your plant baby has grown! I remember the first time I grew a sunflower in like primary school and I was just in awe that I was watching something change before my eyes I actually felt like a fairy.

And finally, they make me feel peaceful. I don’t really know what it is about plants but being around them makes me feel calm and relaxed. They just remind me that there are other things to life than whatever is stressing me out that day.


How do they help my anxiety.


  • they keep me in a routine – for me being a routine greatly helps my mental health and taking care of my houseplants is a big part of my daily routine. Even if I’m having a bad mental health day, I always get up and take care of my plants and that helps to relieve my anxiety a little bit.
  • they remind me that I have a purpose – I mean if I wasn’t here who would take care of them? Obviously, my only purpose in life isn’t just to take care of plants but with my anxiety sometimes it’s hard to remember that I do have a purpose and having them around is that little reminder I need on my bad days.
  • taking care of them reminds me to take care of myself – I am definitely someone that neglects taking care of myself when my mental health gets bad. But, you have to give yourself some water and TLC in order to survive and bloom.
  • they make my space feel tranquil – I try to keep my home and space as relaxing as possible. When my mental health is suffering you can tell by how clean my home is and when my home is a mess my anxiety gets worse, shock! I like to keep my home clean and clutter-free. For me, everything has a place and everything needs to stay in that place or my anxiety starts.
  • they remind me that I can bounce back – as much as I love plants, once or twice I have had a few nearly die on me. Honestly, the panic when this happens is too much. But, I have brought them back with love and a little patience. For me, that is something that I need to apply to myself, I need to remind myself that I can and will bounce back from my bad days, whether it’s my anxiety, depression or PTSD I just need to be patient with myself and give myself love because I will bounce back.

So, I realise that this has been 3000 words of me just rambling about how great I think plants are.

I know this hasn’t been the most exciting post but I think it’s really cute!

My houseplants bring me so much joy and I hope that if you have any that they bring you joy too!

Have a great week guys!

Em <3

Dear future em,

Yes plants are great but they won’t fix your problems.

Stop buying houseplants and go to therapy b**ch!

Love you! <3

Love past em x

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